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Early Forrest users are pledged 10% of the company

The Stakes

If you're not a high net worth individual or living in the start-up world, it's really hard to get a lottery ticket in a start-up.


We wanted to make it easier. 

We're promising 10% of any liquidity event for our first 1,000 users.

If you're the type of person who likes being to things early, but you've never been rewarded for it, we are here to change that.

You're not just a customer, you'll be treated like an owner. Sign-up now and get an inside look at our product roadmap, vision, and what we're building!


What makes us different?

Forrest is built by a team of marketers, art lovers, and AI engineers. We're completely bootstrapped.


Our AI team used to work for hedge funds, and our marketing team has worked with brands like Disney and Amazon... we've won alone in the past, this time we want to win TOGETHER. 

We also understand the golden formula:

More posts = More impressions = More sales!

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